Trommel Fines the Solution:

Aggregate processing solutions, part of the Finlay Group has recently taken on the dealership of the Proflow DS material recovery unit. The innovative new semi-mobile unit combines the latest in flip-flow screening technology together with tried and tested air/density separation to provide an effective, high tonnage solution to Trommel fines, SRF, RDF and other mixed waste streams where separation of heavy, light and metal fractions is beneficial.

The Proflow screenbox has a direct drive system, which drives each deck individually giving maximum agitation to troublesome materials. The screen removes any oversize that would disrupt the density separation and removes the fines fraction as a product leaving a clean mid-grade material to enter the air density separator evenly spread across the feed belt. It is this pre-screening process, resulting in a clean and evenly fed material into the air density separator that allows the Proflow DS to produce consistent results at high tonnages.

Products from the air density separator include heavies (stone, heavy plastic, wood), metal and lights (paper, plastic and depending on settings, wood fraction can be sent to the lights also for RDF)

John Dunne, Director of the Finlay group said “This is a revolutionary combination of processing actions in one modular unit that will divert valuable & usable waste streams from landfill”

The Proflow DS is electrically driven and transports easily via low loader. It boasts a Set up time of less than a day.





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