Including aeration and stabilisation through mixing additives. The Allu processing bucket can process even the most difficult of clays and contaminated material. Where previously the only option was to excavate and allow to dry, the Allu bucket will be able to mix material immediatly. The Allu Mass Stabilisation system, Allu Dosing System and Suremix SM50 also provide a range of options offering convenience for small scale projects to high accuracy and accountability for larger scale projects.


As stand alone solutions or to compliment existing systems. Difficult material that often requires multiple passes over a recycling deck screen or Trommel can be pre-processed using the Allu bucket for greatly improved results. Allu also has many niche applications in recycling such as crushing plasterboard or glass.

Pipeline Padding and Reinstatement

Use the Allu Processing Bucket to achieve a pipe padding aggregate from the excavated material or in conjunction with the Allu Dosing System or Suremix SM50 to create an HBM product for 100% recycling and significant savings in virgin material, haulage and disposal.

Fine Screening

The ability to aggresively screen and homogenise material down to 15mm in the same operation as loading or handling make the Allu bucket an ideal solution for in-situ screening or applications such as sugar or gypsum where material is prone to consolidation.


The unique screen and crush Allu process has many soft crushing applications such as coal, limestone or brick as well as homogenisation of food waste or compost.

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