Recruitment, support and training

Recruitment, support and training procedures will be provided in such a way as to ensure that the company's commitment to diversity is fully realised.

Clients and customers
The Finlay Group of Companies are committed to ensuring that no discriminatory practices are introduced when providing quotations and undertaking work for its clients. The company recognises the importance and advantage of a diverse client profile.

The Directors of Finlay Companies are responsible for insuring compliance with the general and specific policies and for overseeing their implementation.
All members of staff are responsible for ensuring that this policy is observed during the course of their duties in relation to both customers and staff.
All members of staff have a responsibility to ensure their actions and attitudes are in compliance with the company's policy on Diversity.

The Diversity Policy will be reviewed regularly by the Directors of the companies after consultation with members of staff.

The Finlay Group of Companies will publish the Diversity Policy on its website, on internal notice boards and in addition will insure it will form part of the induction pack given to all new members of staff.





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