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Aggregate processing solutions are now able to offer a wide range of Material recovery solutions in the form of the Proflow range of modular semi-mobile equipment. The range incorporates elements of bespoke material recovery and recycling plants such as density separation, flip-flow separation and floatation into easily transportable units which can be set up in a matter of hours.

The range includes:-


Innovative combination of flip – flow screening technology and air density separation in one modular unit aimed at the treatment of Trommel fines and mixed waste streams the unit consists of electrically powered double deck flip – flow screen and air density separator.  


The modular floatation unit separates aggregate and other heavy fractions from floating fractions. An integrated fines wheel prevents build-up of sand and silt in the unit which means the Hydro-X-Tract can process dirty material without clogging and run without a high water flow.


The mobile unit is aimed primarily at the conditioning of compost and green waste derived products where a high degree of selectibility is required to remove paper and plastic from organic material. The machine uses density separation, air knife blower, air suction, conveyor displacement and magnet separation to achieve a high quality topsoil or compost.





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